Pick a story that empowers you.

The wave of negative media is relentless.

We don't know how much it affects us.

But we know their stories aren't ours.


Pick any story you like.

Enjoy content from a creator
who cares about you.

Take back control
of your media.

I write to "edu-tain"
men of color who are
tired of the negativity.

For those who connect
with real characters in
stories that uplift our lives.

The best way to develop
yourself is by reading.

But most of us don't touch
books after school.

Sadly, for many of us,
the story ends there.

"If a man thinks the same at 50 as he did
at 20, he's wasted 30 years of his life."
- Muhammad Ali

We all know how it feels
to be misunderstood.

Others tell their side and
leave us without a voice.

But 'round here...
we tell different.

We care.

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Our Promise

We value our readers’ intellects. We promise to make you think, make you wonder and make you want to read more.

We will never waste your time or money. We will not insult, demean or misguide you. We will not print garbage, promote stereotypes, or disrespect our readers.

We don’t stuff pages. We don’t just aim for “whatever sells”. We write with our readers’ hearts in mind. Our stories must move you and make you feel differently.

We refuse to shut up, stand down or stop writing our truth. We will not be silenced. We will never forget to include the main ingredient… LOVE.

About Me

Lenwords is the publishing imprint of author Leonard Harris. 

He writes stories for print, for film and for business.

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